Cenotes Dos Ojos in Yucatan
Cenotes Dos Ojos in Yucatan
is probably the world's most famous and best cavern dive in Yucatan. The name Dos Ojos means two eyes, and refers to the two neighboring cenotes which connect into a very large cavern zone shared between the two.
These two cenotes appear like two large eyes into the underground. The original cave diving exploration of the whole cave system began through these cenotes.
They are two very different caverns that start and end in the same place. The first dive called THE BARBIE LINE, on its 500 meters (1,600 feet) circuit, leads the diver mainly along the opening of the second eye, containing plenty of daylight. It also gives divers a lot of space to swim around huge columns and stalactites. The second dive, called THE BATCAVE LINE, feels almost like a cave. It is the darker of the two due to the fact that it leads around an air filled bat cave with little daylight entering. We ascend here to see the stunning decorations and the bats. The Dos Ojos underwater cave system was featured in the 2002 IMAX film "Journey into Amazing Caves" and parts of the Hollywood 2005 movie "The Cave" were filmed here.
Maximum depth: 9 meters (30 feet)
cenote dos ojos
Cenote Chac Mool and Kukulkan in Yucatan
Cenotes Dos Ojos in Yucatan
Popular combination of two dives for any level of divers.
Usually we start with the Kukulkan line to enjoy the breathtaking curtain of light, just visible in the morning. Fantastic place for underwater pictures.
A strong halocline will give the divers the feeling of diving in jelly.

The second dive is performed visiting two cenotes including the fantastic dome with its gigantic collapses and hundreds of stalactites.
Maximum depth: 14 meters (46 feet)

chac mool
Taj Maha Cenotes
Taj Maha Cenotes
One of the best cavern dives in a very quiet place.
This cavern offers the diver all of the main features of this kind of diving: sharp halocline, light effects (thin beams like lasers during summer time, refraction, reflection…), beautiful fossils, typical limestone halls, collapses, tannic acid, speleotherms… four cenotes in one dive.

The up and down profile is a little bit aggressive for novice divers and people with sensitive ears.
Maximum depth: 15 meters (50 feet)

tajma ha
Gran Cenote in Yucatan
Gran Cenote in Yucatan
This place is the heart of the huge system known as Sac Aktun which means white cave. It is an ample collapse that allows the diver to enjoy a large area with natural light. As the name says it, all formations are white and it feels like being in a marble palace. The diver will also enjoy the beautiful contrast between the darkness and the light entering the crystalline water.
An easy and beautiful dive!
Maximum depth: 8 meters (26 feet)

tajma ha
The Pit Cenote In Yucatan
The Pit Cenote In Yucatan
The Pit is an amazing sinkhole inside the deep jungle, an upstream branch of the system Dos Ojos.

The Pit is with 370 ft/110 m the deepest cenote in the State of Quintana Roo. Open since February of 2007 it still does not appear in the common dive guides.

The entrance of the cavern is 300 meters (1000 feet) away from the dirt road. The equipment will be lowered about 24 ft/7 m to the water with a rope.

We perform a multilevel profile dive, ascending progressively, making circles around the gigantic cylinder.
A truly unique place: amazing sun rays penetrating to 100 ft/30 m crashing with a hydrogen sulfide cloud. Below the white cloud you will see various groups of ancient bones, an animal skeleton, a human skull, a human jaw with four molars, the remains of what seems to be an old fire place with small burnt bones, black lines on the wall showing the variation of the water level through the ice ages and a beautifully decorated ceiling with white thin formations.
Only for divers experienced in deep diving. Maximum depth: 40 meters (130 feet)

Cenote Aktun Ha / Carwash
Cenote Aktun Ha / Carwash
One of the first caverns dived in Yucatan. A good dive for photographers. There is no mystery as to how this cenote got its name...yes, it was actually used to wash taxis in the past.

It resembles a typical pond. Entrance into the water is easy with the water level being just a few inches below ground. During the hot season there is a spectacular effect created by over blooming from algae which is visualized as a think orange-green layer on the surface. As you descend you get the feeling you are crossing through mist to an unknown world. After about 6 ft/2 m water suddenly becomes crystal clear and the view is of tree branches and roots fading through this cloud.
To look at this cloud from inside the cavern area is absolutely breathtaking as it tints the water emerald green. The light falling through the roots create an amazing light show and the large room behind is beautifully decorated. Sometimes a little crocodile as well as fresh water turtles can be seen.
Maximum depth: 16 meters (53 feet).

Cenote Angelita in Yucatan
Cenote Angelita in Yucatan
definitely an unforgettable experience!
Angelita is different from other cenote dives because you dive only in the open water area. The traditional Lord of the Rings dive which gives the diver the impression of submerging in the swamps of Mordor!
The specialty of this sinkhole is a thick layer of hydrogen sulfide at around 100 ft/30 m which formed through rotten vegetation and which separates the fresh water from salt water below.
Out of this opaque artificial seeming surface rises the top of the collapsed cave ceiling, like a half moon shaped island with trees on it.
We perform a multilevel profile dive, ascending progressively, making circles around the cylinder.
Just for experienced divers.
Maximum depth: 40 meters (130 feet).

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